Welcome to the BeCause Foundation


The BeCause Foundation is dedicated to creating innovative ways to improve the health, education, and welfare of children.


We believe in the power of collaboration and that by working with like-minded non-profits and thoughtfully employing technology, we can collectively improve operating efficiencies, better serve our mutual beneficiaries, and make a greater impact together.


The BeCause Foundation was founded in 2007 to make documentary films about innovators across the globe that take on complex social issues and develop innovative, effective solutions. Over the course of 6 years, we produced 5 documentaries tackling subjects including bullying, refugee integration and child sex abuse. Each film was created as the cornerstone of a larger, collaborative campaign to promote the profiled cause and produce tangible results. In 2013, we began making grants to organizations that share both our mission and values. Recipient organizations have included those providing education in underserved communities, teenagers at risk, and orphans in Haiti.


Today, the resources and energies of the BeCause Foundation are focused exclusively on launching BeCause Scholarships  – a service designed to provide a better way to help students fund and realize their educational goals.