Films / Campaigns

BeCause films tell moving stories about individuals, organizations, and communities who, with compassion and determination, are finding innovative solutions to complex social problems. By implementing engagement campaigns and coalition building around the films, BeCause Foundation helps transform such solutions into broad-based movements for social change.


BeCause films showcase the extraordinary compassion, resourcefulness, and dedication of ordinary people and communities: A doctor who treats the homeless in Pittsburgh (One Bridge to the Next); An innovative, multi-disciplinary group of professionals supporting child sexual abuse victims in Chicago (Alone No Love); A remarkable community of refugees from Burma risking their lives to help their own (Crossing Midnight); A small Southern town dealing with rapid and culturally complex demographic change (Welcome to Shelbyville).



Child Sexual Abuse — Alone No Love

Alone No Love sheds light on child sex abuse in America. Through the work of the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center (CCAC), one of the nation’s largest and most progressive centers for sexually abused children, we observe firsthand the challenging work of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, state’s attorneys, police officers and social workers whose tireless efforts continue to provide refuge for sexually abused kids in Chicago.Learn More


Bullying — The Bully Project

Over 18 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year. 3 million will be absent this month because they feel unsafe at school. BeCause Foundation has partnered with award-winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, on his latest feature documentary, The Bully Project, to be completed in Spring 2011. Learn More


Welcome to Shelbyville

Set in the heart of America’s bible belt, Welcome To Shelbyville follows a small Southern town as they grapple with rapid demographic change and issues of immigrant integration. Shot between the 2008 Presidential election and spring 2009, the film captures the complexity of the African American, Latino, white and Somali subjects as their lives intertwine against the backdrop of a crumbling economy and a promising new Administration. Learn More


One Bridge to the Next

In 1992, Dr. Jim Withers began doing night rounds on the streets of Pittsburgh, offering medical assistance and support to the homeless. Fifteen years later, the organization he founded, Operation Safety Net, is a pioneering model in a growing movement to provide healthcare to the homeless. Dr. Withers and his team navigate riverbanks, bridges, and alleyways to bring medical help and social justice to those who have fallen through the cracks of society. Learn More


Crossing Midnight

Set on the border of Thailand and Eastern Burma, Crossing Midnight tells the story of a remarkable community of refugees from Burma working against incredible odds to help their own. Today, one million internally displaced persons are living in the jungles of Eastern Burma in the midst of on-going armed conflict. There, they live on the run, risking injury and death to forage for food to sustain their families. Over two million more have fled to the border of neighboring Thailand after enduring decades of oppression by a brutal military dictatorship. Learn More